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A Levels will suit you if you perform well in exams and want to study a variety of subjects before you apply to university. These are traditional academic courses which are largely examination based, but most will also require some course work. A Levels are the most traditional qualifications you can get in order to apply for university, gaining valuable UCAS points which are awarded according to your grades.

Sometimes the career path you have in mind will require you to take a particular A Level subject before you go on to your degree. For example, if you wish to study Medicine, you must study A Level Chemistry.

In your first year you will follow an Advanced Subsidiary (AS) course. This takes one year of study and represents the first half of a full A Level. In your second year, you will continue your studies in some of these subjects to what is called A2 Level. Successful completion of a subject at AS Level and at A2 Level equals a full A Level.

Most students will study 4 or 5 subjects at AS Level and 3 or 4 subjects at A2 Level. However, it will be possible to start new AS Levels in your second year.

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