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Qualification: English Language Type: A Level
Entry Requirements: Two Bs and three Cs in five subject areas at GCSE to include a minimum of a grade 4 in Maths and English Language. However, due to the new GCSE grading, we do recommend that you are working towards at least a grade 5 in both Maths and English Language. Start Date: Sept 2017
Length: 2 years

In English Language you will be taking a close look at how people use language in a variety of contexts, depending on who they are, who their audience is and what they are trying to achieve.

You will study both written and spoken language. By gaining a better understanding of how language works, you will also improve your own skills as a language user. You will explore the ways in which particular groups in society are represented through language. This qualification consists of two examined units and one coursework unit.


Unit 1: Language and the Individual
The aim of this unit is to explore the ways in which particular groups in society are represented through language. We will be exploring all aspects of the English Language including how groups in society and issues are represented through language. This exploration will include:
• the exploration and analysis of a wide variety of texts such as articles, blogs, adverts, speeches, songs, poems, stories etc
• how our identities are constructed through the language that we us
• how audiences are addressed and positioned
• how representations are produced

Unit 2: Language Varieties
The aim of this unit is to allow you to explore language
variety. This will include:
• an exploration of local and regional accents
• looking at how different social groups communicate such as truckers, lawyers and teenagers
• an exploration of how men and women communicate
• attitudes towards language variation
• developing writing skills for directed writing task

Unit Three: Language in Action
The aim of this area of study is to allow you to explore and analyse language data independently and develop and reflect upon your own writing expertise. You choose an area of language study that fascinates you – this could be: analysing Facebook interactions; exploring representations of gender in perfume adverts; studying the art of rhetorical speaking or even exploring the creation of character in Doctor Who!

Unit One: Exam assessed
2.5 hours | 100 marks | 40% of A level
Unit Two: Exam Assessed
2.5 hours | 100 marks | 40% of A level
Unit Three: Coursework
A language investigation (2,000 words excluding data) and a piece of original writing and commentary (1, 500 words)

During the course you will be given the opportunity to attend a variety of trips and visits which will enhance your studies. This might include visits to the theatre to watch plays we are studying or to the parsonage at Howarth or Wordsworth’s Cottage in the Lake District to gain a deeper appreciation of the texts we are analysing in class.

You will also have an opportunity to take part in additional revision sessions and attend workshops given by visitors such as playwrights, novelists and poets.

You will study in modern classrooms with interactive learning technology, and will have access to up-to-date resources.


Unique Pre-Professional Programme available in Journalism.

Former students of English Language and Literature have gone to study at some of the UK’s top universities including; the University of Oxford, the University of Manchester, Lancaster University, Durham University, the University of Glasgow, the University of Leicester, and the University of Sheffield.

They have gone on to read subjects including English Literature, Language Acquisition and Speech Therapy, Archaeology, Anthropology and Art History, Law, History, Politics, Broadcast Journalism, Creative Writing and Drama.

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