Traineeships and Work Experience


What is a Traineeship?

Traineeships have been developed in response to research showing that young people frequently lack the knowledge and experience employers expect in the workplace. The Traineeship will help tackle this problem as it is a programme designed to combine both education and training with work experience, giving young people the skills that employers are looking for. Traineeships can last up to six months and include:

  • Work preparation training
  • English and Maths support if required
  • A work experience placement of between six weeks to five months with an employer, such as yourself

In addition to these basic elements, we can work with you to add flexible additional content to meet the needs of your business and the local labour market.

The Benefits

  • Traineeships will allow you to shape the skills and experience of young people from your local community, helping your business to develop a loyal and talented workforce.
  • Working with Trainees will give established staff members the chance to develop their skills in mentoring and coaching young people.
  • If you decide to offer a Trainee an Apprenticeship you could be eligible for an Apprenticeship Grant*
  • You as an employer can design a high quality Traineeship within your company in partnership with the College – one that suits both the needs of your business and the needs of the Trainee.
  • You can get ahead of the competition by bringing enthusiastic young people with their fresh ideas into your business before they get on to the career ladder.

*Subject to eligibility

Work Experience

Why support work experience?

The benefit to the young person may be obvious; hands-on experience, employability skills, CV and skills development, BUT… what’s in it for you?

  • Fresh ideas: Young people offer new ideas and ways of thinking, reflecting the interests and needs of the next generation of customers and consumers.
  • Staff development: Offering work experience placements can provide opportunities for existing staff to supervise and mentor a young person, therefore helping to develop their management and other professional and personal skills.
  • More engaged workforce: Providing work experience sends a positive message to the wider workforce about the values of the organisation.
  • Boost local community: Engagement with the local community helps boost local economic development and can also lead to increased brand loyalty and profile, and in turn to greater profits.

Click to download our Employer’s Guide to Work Experience.

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