Choosing the right type of qualification for your future career can be a difficult decision.

Here’s some useful information about A Levels to help you make up your mind:

  • A Levels are the more traditional route for those wanting to progress to university
  • You can explore three subjects that you enjoy over two years. Some students may study four subjects where appropriate
  • A Levels are a great option if you have an inquisitive academic mind, enjoy studying and are good at exams

NCC has over 25 subjects to choose from, take a look at our subject pages for more information.


History will give you a better understanding of the past, why events happened as they did and give you a clearer view of today’s society...

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A qualification in Law demonstrates your ability to think clearly and logically. Not only will you be looking at a wide range of high profile...

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It is vital that we are able to understand mathematical ideas before we can start to apply them in the real world. A Level Mathematics...

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Media Studies

Media Studies is a challenging subject which encourages you to critically engage with and evaluate a broad range of media texts. Media Studies focuses on...

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Philosophy, Ethics and Religion

Philosophy, Ethics and Religion (PEaR) explores philosophy of religion, religion and ethics and the religion of Buddhism. It takes students on a journey through the...

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A Level Photography is a challenging and exciting course that offers you the opportunity to explore a wide range of photography aspects, such as portraiture,...

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Physics involves experimental investigation, theory and applications related to your everyday life. On the course you will discover the working of the world and universe...

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During this A Level you will learn about the government and politics of the UK and USA with a core focus on current affairs, policy...

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Over the course of the programme, you will cover a broad range of topics, which include looking at research into the areas of social psychology,...

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At a basic level, Sociology is the study of the society around us and our place in it. While everyday life may appear to be...

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A Level Spanish will allow you to improve your speaking, listening, writing and reading skills to an advanced level. You will also explore the society, culture...

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A level Statistics builds upon the statistics and probability components of GCSE Mathematics. The course employs the statistical enquiry cycle to help make sense of...

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