Type: A Level
Entry Requirements: Two grade 5s and three 4s in five subject areas at GCSE, to include a minimum of a grade 4 in English Language Mathematics at grade 5 or above.
Start Date: Sept 2021
Length: 2 years
Course Overview

A level Statistics builds upon the statistics and probability components of GCSE Mathematics. The course employs the statistical enquiry cycle to help make sense of data trends and to solve statistical problems in a variety of contexts, such as Psychology, Biology, Geography,Business and the Social Sciences.

What will I learn?

It prepares students for further study and employment in a wide range of disciplines which use statistical analysis and reasoning with data.

Statistics is a subject which is aimed specifically at facilitating the development of the statistical elements employed across the A Level curriculum. It supports transition to Higher Education or employment in the array of disciplines that make use of quantitative analysis.

Due to the increased requirement to use technology within the new specification, students will be required to purchase a calculator with increased statistical capability. You will be advised on make and model by your tutor.

How will the course be assessed?

You will be assessed by examinations at the end of the two-year course.

You will also be expected to carry out independent study and other personal development activities alongside your programme, such as additional workshops, an Extended Project Qualification, leisure extracurricular activities, volunteering or work experience, or part-time employment.


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Progression and Careers

Statistics A Level is a respected subject and a good grade will help with any university application. It will also be a major benefit to any qualification involving Psychology, Geography, Economics or Biology. Statistics is now used so widely that many employers would see this qualification as a distinct advantage when applying for careers in sectors including finance,economics, insurance, law and engineering

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