Why Nelson and Colne College?

Our results* speak for themselves!

  • Number one College in the country for classroom learner achievement (National Achievement Rate Tables)
  • Number one College in the country for timely 16-18 Apprenticeship achievement (National Achievement Rate Tables)
  • Number one College in Lancashire for A Levels (based on progress scores)
  • Number one College in Lancashire for vocational courses (based on progress scores)
  • Number one College in the country for progress in GCSE Maths
  • Number two College in the country for progress in GCSE English
  • 20% of 2018 leavers progressed on to Russell Group universities, including Oxbridge
  • Our great results – 99% for A Levels and 99.6% advanced vocational
 *based on government data

What is the difference between A Levels, vocational courses and Apprenticeships?

  • A Levels are the traditional academic route to university, and are largely exam based. Some combine coursework and practical assessments. The majority of students studying an A Level programme will focus on three subjects over two years, which reflect the university, degree and career they want to progress on to. Click here to find out more about A Levels.
  • If you already have your mind firmly fixed on a particular industry, such as Nursing, Forensic Science, Hairdressing or Engineering, then a vocational programme, including BTEC qualifications, may be right for you. We have a range of programmes on offer, from Catering, to Business, to Health and Social Care, and have strong links with industry to help you progress into your chosen career. Click here to find out more about vocational courses.
  • An Apprenticeship is a work-based training programme, which leads to a nationally recognised qualification. It allows you to develop your skills and understanding whilst in an actual working environment, which benefits both you and your employer. Click here to find out more about Apprenticeships.

How easy will it be for my son/daughter to travel to College?

There are a range of College bus services available which run directly into College, providing students with a quick, safe and convenient journey. Travelling to College may also be free*! Please contact our Student Services Team on 01282 440209 to find out more. *Free bus pass if your household income is under £30,000. Click here to find out more.

Is any financial help available to support my son/daughter while they study?

We offer an extensive financial support package for our full-time 16-18 year old students to allow us to assist our students with any barriers they may face. Support available may include:

  • College Bursary Fund
  • Guaranteed Study Bursary
  • Free College meals
  • Free breakfast and fruit
  • Council Tax Exemption
  • Child Benefit and Tax Credits
  • Travel Support

Click here for more information.

How does College look after students in terms of safeguarding?

College recognises the importance of safeguarding and promoting the health, welfare and wellbeing of students. We promote a ‘stay safe’ culture through our staff recruitment training, policies, student inductions, tutorials, staying safe events, talks and posters. Click here for more information. 

Does the College offer Careers advice?

If your son/daughter would like guidance on planning their next steps, applying to University, pursuing a particular career, or if they are unsure of what to do when they leave College, our experienced staff are available to help. Each year we help our students progress to some of the best Universities in the UK as well as supporting students into employment and onto Apprenticeships. Click here for more information.

How will College help if my son/daughter needs Additional Learning Support?

If your son/daughter has a physical disability, visual or hearing impairment, we will do our best to provide you with all the support, equipment, access and learning resources they might need. If your son/daughter has a learning difficulty or disability we have specialist teams of staff who will be able to support them throughout their time at College. Click here for more information.

What pastoral support is available while my son/daughter is at College?

At the start of their course your son/daughter will be allocated a personal tutor who is responsible for encouraging them to make the most of their time at College. Students will meet with their personal tutor regularly, to discuss their progress and ensure that they are achieving their full potential. Click here to find out more.

What are the College facilities like?

We have a wide range of facilities at College, from our 3G sports pitch, gym and Multi Use Games Area to our onsite student-run restaurant, Farringtons, and Distinction, our Hair and Beauty Salon. We also have plenty of spaces to support your son/daughter’s learning, including our Learning Resource Centre and dedicated Study Zone. Click here for more information.

What extracurricular activities could my son/daughter take part in?

Nelson and Colne College has a Career College ethos and is dedicated to providing an ‘all-round’ education to prepare your son/daughter for their future. Extracurricular is a key aspect of College life and our commitment to developing and broadening students’ skills has led to the creation of a diverse and valuable programme of extracurricular activities, including football and netball academies, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, as well as leadership and volunteering skills.

We also offer A Level Pre-Professional Programmes, designed to give students the edge in their University applications. These programmes include a range of workshops, guest lecturers and masterclasses and are available to Journalism, Teaching, Medicine, Law, Earth Science, Computer Science and STEMx students. Click here for more information.

Does College have facilities for students’ faith needs?

The College has a Contemplation Room (located off the Learning Resource Centre) which can be used by students of all faiths.