Get ready for you future with NCC… 

We work closely with schools across Pendle, Burnley and the surrounding areas of East Lancashire, providing students will essential advice and guidance on their next step after leaving school.

Our aim is to support young people in exploring the post-16 options available to them, experiencing news skills and interests and helping them to make an informed choice that’s right for them and their future. Our support ranges from:

  • Year 11 career planning sessions
  • Assemblies
  • Drop-in application support
  • CV building sessions
  • Interview preparation
  • Communication and employability workshops…

…and more!

Working with schools, parents and most importantly, students, we aim to provide a responsive, flexible and relevant package of activities which suit the interests of students and the skills needed locally and beyond.

Students can speak to our Schools Team about the courses they’re interested in studying and find out how to apply to the College.

To see the Schools Liaison Team in your school, please contact us on 01282 440 272 or email