Mode: Full Time
Start Date: September 2020
Duration: 3 years full-time, delivered at Accrington and Rossendale College, UCAS Code: LL59
Cost: £7725 for Full-time
Course Overview

This course offers undergraduates a programme of learning designed to explore a range of multi-disciplinary themes, issues, applications and policies of interest to both social scientists and health specialists.

You will have the opportunity to explore an extensive range of topics and examine a number of contemporary issues and debates drawn from a variety of health and social science disciplines such as sociology, psychology, criminology, health studies, social policy, ethics and education studies.

The programme also provides you with a number of opportunities to undertake self-directed research into relevant topic areas of your choice to reflect your own academic and vocational interests. Due to the strong and increasing academic and professional links between the themes, topics and issues explored by health and the social sciences, particularly in respect of research, policy orientated work and education, we wish our undergraduates to be able to share ideas and approaches.

A central feature of the degree is the exploration of a variety of major theories, competing epistemologies and conceptual frameworks drawn from health studies and a variety of social sciences such as social policy, sociology, psychology and criminology. Accordingly, this multi-disciplinary programme offers students a critical study of many of the competing explanations for a range of empirical realities, contemporary issues, problems and policies commonly examined by a range of health related and social science disciplines.

What will I learn?

Units in the programme may include:

Mandatory Units:
• Introduction to Psychology
• Theories of Society and Social Change
• Research Methods
• Health Studies

Mandatory Units:
• Advanced Research Methods
• British Social and Welfare Policy
• Social Divisions

Optional Units:
• Crime and Deviance
• Ethical Issues in Health and Social Care
• Health Psychology
• Work Based Learning
• Work Related Learning

Mandatory Units:
• Dissertation

Optional Units:
• Criminal Justice and Penal Policy
• Critical Issues in Mental Health
• Geography of Health
• Organisational Behaviour in Health and Social Services
• Gender and Sexuality
• Therapeutic Approaches Used in Mental Health Recovery
• Morality, Character and Personality: The Study of the Individual

How will the course be assessed?

A series of written and practical work is assessed by your tutors and will determine your overall grade.


Materials and other information

All HE enrolments are subject to the College’s Higher Education Student Agreement.


This programme will lead to employment within social work, welfare work, community, public and private health care sectors, Social and Health related Administration and Management, Probation, Teaching in further education and relevant careers within local government.

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