Digital Skills Training
Start Date: 23rd January or 6th March
End Date:
Day: WED
Time: 6pm - 9pm
Duration: 1 week
Cost: FREE
Course Overview

The Digital Skills Training Programme by Facebook and Freeformers, in partnership with Lancashire Adult Learning, focuses on enabling you to develop the confidence and the skills
you may need for future employment in a digital economy.
This programme specifically targets people between the ages of 18 and 30 who want to improve their digital understanding, or learn new skills. It has been designed to help you
succeed both professionally and personally in the digital economy: we see you as the generation transitioning from “learning to earning” and wish to support you to achieve this.

This course is offered by Lancashire Adult Learning, please click here to enrol.

What will I learn?

Join us for this fast paced and informative course, covering three key areas in just 3.5 hours:
• Innovation – come up with your next big idea and prototype it!
• Social Marketing – make the most of it for you, your career, community or business!
• Cyber Security- tips to make you safer online!

How will the course be assessed?

No formal assessment


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