Higher Level Apprenticeships
Mode: Full Time
Start Date: Various
In partnership with:
Duration: Various
Course Overview

Higher Level Apprenticeships provide students with the opportunity to gain a qualification at Level 4 and above while working within a job role. Higher Apprenticeships typically take two years to complete and involve, on occasion, part-time study at one of our University Centres.

Apprentices will complete assessments throughout their programme, which test both academic learning and occupational competence which should be developed
through on the job training. Apprentices will also be visited within the workplace to assess the range of skills to ensure the working practices meet minimum levels of competency against the national standard.

  • Higher Level Apprenticeship in Construction and Building Services Management
  • Higher Level Apprenticeship in Accounting
  • Higher Level Apprenticeship in Business and Professional Administration
  • Higher Level Apprenticeship in Commercial Procurement and Supply
  • Higher Level Apprenticeship in Leadership and Management
  • Higher Level Apprenticeship in Operations/Departmental Manager
  • Higher Level Apprenticeship in School Business Professional
  • Higher Level Apprenticeship in Children, Young People and Families Manager
  • Higher Level Apprenticeship in Children, Young People and Families Practitioner
  • Higher Level Apprenticeship in Assistant Practitioner (Health)
  • Higher Level Apprenticeship Network Engineer
  • Higher Level Apprenticeship Software Developer
  • Higher Level Apprenticeship in IT, Software Web and Telecoms Professionals
What will I learn?
  • Higher Apprenticeships allow you to earn while learning and progress into highly skilled occupations

• The potential to achieve graduate and postgraduate level qualifications

• New opportunities for career progression

• Higher Apprentices could earn £150,000 more on average over their lifetime compared to those with Level 3 qualifications

How will the course be assessed?



Materials and other information

All HE enrolments are subject to the College’s Higher Education Student Agreement.


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