Additional Learning Support
We have a dedicated team of professionals who support students with any disability or learning support needs. Our team is committed to ensuring that every student has the support and resources to achieve their full potential.

Whether you have a special educational need or a disability, the ALS team will be there for you every step of the way, providing tailored support to help you get the most out of learning.
If you have a physical disability, visual impairment or hearing impairment, we will do our best to provide you with all the support, equipment, access and learning resources you might need throughout your time at College. This support is confidential and information provided will only be shared with the appropriate professionals to meet your individual needs.

Learning Support
If you have a learning difficulty or disability, for example, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia or Asperger Syndrome, we have specialist teams of staff who will be able to support you throughout your time at College. If you have learning support needs, please mention this on your application to College, to your teacher, or during your interview. A member of our Additional Learning Support Team will then contact you to discuss your needs and ensure that the appropriate support is in place for the start of your course.

Advice and Guidance
Would you like some advice about a course or some guidance on starting a new career? Our expert team provide FREE impartial and confidential support with:
• Choosing the right qualification
• Careers advice and CV development
• Understanding Labour Market Information
• Exploring career options, employment, Apprenticeship, university or volunteering opportunities

Our Careers Zone Team are here to help:
Appointments can be arranged to suit your needs and are available to all adults aged 19 years and over, in Lancashire. Please contact any of our Careers Zone advisers for further assistance:

Nelson and Colne College: Tel: 01282 440259, Email:

Accrington and Rossendale College: Tel: 01254 354037, Email:

Lancashire Adult Learning: Tel: 0333 003 1717, Email: iag&

Safeguarding and Welfare
We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of learners who attend our main sites. We operate zero tolerance to issues of discrimination, abuse, extremism, bullying and harassment and have a duty of care to respond immediately if there are any concerns that a learner may be at risk of these.

Report your concerns to the Safeguarding and Welfare Team immediately.

Nelson and Colne College
call 07392 195338 or email
Accrington and Rossendale College
call 07803 658861.

Other useful links

Qualifications and careers information: or helpline: 0800 100 900

We advise that you seek independent advice when applying for a loan or credit. Impartial money advice can be obtained from the Money Advice Service: