Apprenticeship Role - NR Engineering
Sector: Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies
Location: Colne
Employer NR Engineering
Hourly wage: £4.81

Apprenticeship summary

NR Engineering are looking to train and develop apprentice Engineers. You will learn all aspects of CNC turning, milling and grinding from receiving a drawing, creating  programs, preparing tooling ,setting and running the CNC machines to a high standard and be solely responsible for completing components from start to finish. Your apprenticeship will include spending a number of weeks in each section of manufacturing including CNC turning, Milling, Drawings/Design and Grinding.You will change department every 12 weeks (4 machining departments in total) also including CAD drawing opportunities / time spent on inspection.

About the employer

NR Engineering has 46 years experience, producing complex high precision turned, prismatic, ground, honed components and assemblies to a wide range of industries that include Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Automotive and Fluid Power.




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