Apprenticeship Role - Principle Healthcare Ltd
Sector: Business and Professional Services
Location: Skipton
Salary: TBC
The Role

This role enables the holder to be responsible for administrative tasks such as placing works/sales orders, updating production and operation reports, generating delivery notes, controlling timesheets etc. The employee will continually seek improvements to the collation and quality of data, and be involved in business projects that require administrative support.


The successful candidate will undertake the following duties: Timely production of internal and external paperwork to support the Operations department, Purchasing and IT to develop improvements in the design of reports and paperbased documentation, Provide a link between central Operations and specific Production and Manufacturing functions, Collation of data to support projects and supplying the information in a considered, logical and clear way, Perform ad hoc stock checks to correct Sage stockholding data and Improve the integrity of business data.


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