Accrington and Rossendale College
41 week course
20+ Places Remaining
Course Overview

Counsellors and psychotherapists offer a range of services that address the mental health and wellbeing of the general public in a variety of settings.

The programme will provide a sound theoretical framework and the practitioner skills required to work safely and effectively as a counsellor. Counselling encompasses a broad set of attitudes, skills and techniques that are essentially aimed at helping an individual with gaining increased understanding of themselves so as to solve or manage problems, work through or achieve reconciliation with past experiences, and/ or work towards developmental aims and goals for the future.

The programme aims to enable students to work with a diverse range of clients with specific counselling needs. It will provide you with a deeper understanding of the importance of evidence based practice within the counselling and psychotherapy field.

What will I learn?

• Morality and Personality
• Advanced Professional and Personal Development
• Supervision in Counselling and Psychotherapy
• Working with Trauma
• Dissertation

How will the course be assessed?

Learning is promoted through a variety of methods including lectures, seminars, presentations, case studies, group work, group tutorials, project work, work placement/s, observation and demonstration and independent self-directed study and research. Lectures present relevant subject information in a structured manner in order to outline key themes, issues and debates and thus provide students with the underpinning knowledge from which to conduct further self-directed learning.

Seminars, group work and group tutorials offer more potential for a purposely student led interactive forum for knowledge sharing and acquisition. Individual tutorials facilitate student learning by addressing specific knowledge and understanding needs on an individual basis and remains an integral aspect of the relationship between staff and students. Throughout students are encouraged to undertake independent reading and research using both printed and electronic material to complement, widen, deepen and consolidate their knowledge and understanding. Students are assessed via both oral and written coursework (such as essays, projects, seminars, role plays, portfolio and a dissertation).


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