TUE - 02/11/2021
13:00 to 15:30
5 week course
20+ Places Remaining
Course Overview

This 5-week course will introduce to the history of Lancashire. Despite being England’s youngest county, Lancashire has played an important role in the political and economic life of the country.
This course will look at Lancashire’s beginnings in the early medieval period and its growth from a wild, sparsely populated backwater to the most important industrial region of the 19th century and the Workshop of the World. We will use maps, documents, personal histories and places to discover the history of the people and places of the county both Monarch, Lord and Peasant. No prior knowledge of history is required just an interest in people and places and a desire to learn about the amazing stories of this county.

How long is the course?
The course is 2.5 hours per session and is delivered for 5 weeks

What will I learn?

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:
Identify the different stages of geographical development in Lancashire.
Understand and explain the beginnings of the county; its role in defence; the creation of the Duchy of Lancashire.
Understand and explain the development of the county from agriculture to industry.
Uderstand and explain the impact of population growth, urban development, transport on the life of the county.
Learn about the histories of different Lancashire families and their contribution to history.

How will the course be assessed?

Learners attend via the online platform Microsoft Teams on a set day and time. The sessions will be delivered live and learners will be supported to work through the course content. In addition to this, learners will be given access to Moodle (VLE – Virtual Learning Environment) and Padlet so activities can be completed during and between sessions to record progress and achievement.

Materials and other information

Equipment Required
If any equipment is required for this course your tutor will let you know in plenty of time before the course starts.

So the course can start on time, it’s important to be ready to join your online course 15 minutes prior to the official start time.

The Additional Learning Support Team work across college supporting students with a variety of learning needs in different ways.  Support can be requested at enrolment or at any point throughout your course. For more information email als.lal@nelsongroup.ac.uk

For more information on booking onto a course, telephone 0333 0031717

It would be useful to have a pen and paper so you can make notes throughout the course

Progression and Careers

The teacher will use a range of activities to review learner’s knowledge throughout the course and identify any gaps and additional information required
Learners will receive feedback in order to further develop their knowledge
Learners will assess their knowledge at the start of the course and again at the end against the learning outcomes. This allows you to identify how much you have learnt and where you might need to do further study or research.
Learners will also be supported to set an individual target(s) for the course based on personal goals and aspirations.

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