Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form is celebrating after learning that it has been named the winner of the category for the Most Sustainable Organisation : Education, at the Public Sector Sustainability Magazine’s Awards!

Competing against some highly regarded institutions, including a number of universities, the College needed to prove that it is 100% dedicated to achieving a sustainable culture in its operations. After creating a College-wide Sustainability Group, made up of representatives from across the College, including senior management and students; the College was able to plan and carry out a number of exciting sustainability projects which highlighted its dedication to a greener way of operating.

From long-term changes such as replacing old glazing with high efficiency glass and implementing a Building Management System to manage mains services; to carrying out College campaigns to reduce our carbon footprint, including turning off lights, using double sided printing etc, the College has really taken the key concepts of creating a sustainable culture to heart.

The College has also had an opportunity to work closely with the local borough council; joining a strategic environmental planning group which allowed representatives from the College to attend a Carbon Footprinting workshop delivered by Groundwork Pennine Lancashire. Additionally, hoping to prompt its students to consider their own impact, the College has implemented tailored travel plans for all students, highlighting the most efficient forms of public transport and it was also delighted that so many students and staff were keen to use a new, much larger bike shed.

John Ellis, Estates and Resources Manager at Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form said, “It’s not just about making changes to buildings and services; we wanted to educate everyone in College, from students and tutors, to senior management and administrative staff about the importance of being mindful of reducing our carbon footprint. Sustainability is a long-term agenda for the College and we are dedicated to embracing new technologies which will help us to continue to reduce our impact on the environment, whilst driving down costs to the College. Everyone can do their bit to help the environment and if we do everything we can to ensure that the College is being sustainable, hopefully this will inspire other organisations to do the same! We are proud to have won this award in such good company and will continue to strive for a greener future!”