With exam season fast approaching, we would like to wish all students a huge GOOD LUCK in their GCSE and A Level exams! We hope the hard work and revision pays off.

Here’s our top tips for revision success:

  • Take a break. They allow you to digest the information you have been studying and gives your brain a rest!
  • Don’t leave it to the last minute. Too much information can overload your mind and cause confusion.
  • Create a revision plan or diary. Taking the time to prepare and organise now will help you in the long run.
  • Switch off your mobile phone. It is simply too tempting to get distracted!
  • Use post-it notes. You can use your mini-notes to stick around the house or as prompts and reminders.
  • Pop bubble wrap! One minute spent popping bubble wrap relieves as much stress as a 33 minute massage!
  • Explain it. Take a complicated topic and try to explain it to a family member or friend. It will help you make sense of it.

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