A Nelson and Colne College student fascinated by probability is progressing to Imperial College London.

Abdullah Khan, 18, formerly of Sir John Thursby Community College, has achieved A*, A*, A and A* in his Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics A Levels. He will now study Mathematics and Statistics at Imperial.

Football mad Abdullah says he loves Mathematics and Statistics and is always working out probabilities for football matches, whether expected goals or the outright result.

Abdullah said: “Mathematics has always been my favourite subject. I am naturally good at working with numbers. Statistics is an area I enjoy too and find interesting – I’m always working out odds and probabilities and this is why I want to become an Actuary.

I’m feeling delighted that all my hard work has paid off! I’m now going to Imperial College in London where I’ll be studying Mathematics and Statistics.

I would definitely recommend Nelson and Colne College as I really enjoyed the way learning is structured. I feel much more confident to learn independently now which has helped me to prepare for university.

The teachers at College are also really good at explaining subject content in different ways and this really benefits the learning of students.

My advice for future students would be to work hard because it pays off!”

Nelson and Colne College is the number one college in the country for students satisfaction, and is one of the leading colleges nationally across a range of academic measures.