The aim here is to get children involved in the planning and preparation of these. They are all fun activities to complete together.

Sandwich swirls – a flattened piece of bread, crust removed, covered with your choice of topping and rolled into a swiss roll shape – then cut into slices.

Pizza faces on a wrap – you just need a wrap/slice of bread/crumpet/muffin followed by some tomato puree and a selection of diced vegetables – be creative with your pattern, face or rainbow shape. Cover with a little grated cheese and cook for around 10 minutes in a medium hot oven.

Frozen homemade fruit and yoghurt lollies – mashed banana and yoghurt frozen in to an ice cube tray or other suitable freezable container

Rice/pasta/cous cous salad – a selection of fruit and vegetables added to cooked rice/pasta/cous cous. Aim to make as colourful a salad as possible!

Potato salad – cooked cooled potatoes, combined with either spring onion

or chives and a little yoghurt or mayonnaise.

Club sandwich – a sandwich made with 3 slices of bread instead of two –

have some fun inventing a double sandwich filling – cheese on one layer,

salad in the other layer or ham on one layer and cheese on the other or

peppers on one layer and cream cheese on the other… the combinations are


DIY filled pitta pockets – let children create their own pitta pocket

combination with whatever filling they choose. Examples include hard boiled

egg, tomato, lettuce, ham, tuna, sweetcorn, grated carrot, grated cheese,

cucumber, radish, spring onion.

Rainbow salad in a jar – fill a clean jam jar with layers of different coloured

salad vegetables. Ideas include cucumber, tomato, lettuce, grated carrot,

peppers, sweetcorn, peas, cheese, tuna, pasta, cooked potatoes, rice, cous

cous. You can add a salad dressing too if you like.

Lettuce wraps – use the lettuce as your wrap and add your own filling such

as rice, cheese, vegetables, tuna. Then roll it up and eat your creation!

Homemade milkshake – for example banana milkshake – 1 banana, 300ml

milk. Blend or mash the two together for a delicious healthy shake. Sprinkle

with a few hundreds and thousands if you have them for a rainbow effect.

Quick pizza wedges – one flour tortilla, spread with tomato puree then top

with grated cheese and a combination of your favourite pizza toppings e.g.

ham and pineapple, BBQ Chicken, Spinach & ricotta.  Top with another tortilla.

Squash down and bake in an oven for around 10 minutes or fry in a non-stick

frying pan. Cut in to wedges and serve.

Rainbow fruit kebabs with a dip – different coloured fruit on a cocktail stick, kebab stick, or just arranged on a plate. You can add a dip if you like too. Melted chocolate, toffee sauce or grated orange rind in yoghurt works well.

Additional recipes can be found on the BBC Good Food website: