Nelson and Colne College Football Academy has welcomed a team from the USA.

Visiting the College was a team from Carrollwood Day School, Florida. They had stayed for a week in Manchester and played matches with a number of local teams including the College. The School offers the International Baccalaureate and travelled to England for a week of football, providing their players with an insight into the English Football culture!

Dan Clarke, the College’s Academy coach said, “It was great to welcome the team from Carrollwood and it gave our students the opportunity to play against an international team. Our lads played very well against good opposition and we achieved a 3-0 victory! We are very interested in developing an exchange with Carrollwood, where we take a team over to the States and then they come here, on a biannual basis. This is something we are looking into in the near future.”

“We are excited about our first international trip. What better destination than Manchester, England. We hope to gain immeasurable value from both the soccer and cultural aspects of this trip,” says Coach Harte.