Ten NCC students who are considering a career in teaching have completed an enriching Pre-Professional Programme to give them a competitive advantage for University interviews.

In order to complete the 25-week course, the students have finished two micro-teach sessions where they presented to their peers on an academic subject and a topic that interests them. They had to demonstrate their teaching skills by planning activities, using learning objectives, questioning learners and embedding English and Maths into lessons.

The students have also benefited from expert guidance throughout the programme, including from guest speakers from the University of Huddersfield who discussed teaching pathway options and provided interview advice.

Many have also complemented the Pre-Professional Programme with wider experience, such as teaching ESOL across East Lancashire through the Talk English project, by becoming reading mentors within College or having undertaken work experience in local schools.

Alexandra Mitchell-Males, 17, who is studying A Level English Literature, Religious Studies, History and Biology, said: “The Pre-Professional Programme was a really rewarding experience and led to a whole new way of thinking about my future. It greatly increased my confidence.”

Lauren Clarke, 16, who is studying Psychology, English Literature and Sociology, said: “It’s been great getting to know other people with similar interests and I’ve learned so many skills about teaching. Doing a micro-teach was so helpful and I feel much less nervous about interviews now.”

English Literature, Psychology and History A Level student Morgan Hughes, 18, said: “I feel I am so much more prepared and confident for applying to become a teacher after completing the course and what route I will take to do this. It’s been incredibly helpful.”

And Psychology, Religious Studies and Sociology student Alice Colton, 17, added: “The micro-teaches were fun and I learned valuable skills that I will take into teaching with me.

“It was a great group of people and I’ve made some new friends and felt so comfortable in the group to get up in front of them. I’ve received some great feedback on the lessons I taught and my confidence has increased so much.”

The Pre-Teaching Programme is one of a number of Pre-Professional Programmes NCC provides for students looking at a professional career, including Business, Journalism, Law and Medicine.

Social Sciences teacher Ruth Shaw said: “For those who want to go into teaching, NCC’s Pre-Professional Programme is an invaluable tool and this has allowed them to build up a portfolio of evidence for their University teaching interviews and put them at an advantage from the rest.

“Alongside that, students have also had the opportunity to improve their skills and develop their confidence through the practical aspects of teaching in front of a group of peers.”

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