Government and Politics students recently visited Lancaster University to experience an educational lecture, seminar and discussion.

A Level students who are studying the highly popular Government and Politics course recently attended a trip to Lancaster University. Lancaster University is a well-regarded higher education institute, which is ranked in the Top 1% of universities in the world and which has an international reputation as a centre for excellence in teaching and research.

Whilst at Lancaster University, the Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form students attended a lecture and seminar on Higher Education Funding by honorary Sustainability and Education lecturer John Foster. After that, the students took part in an open discussion opportunity with Charles Clarke, former Home Secretary and Education Secretary. Later in the year there will also be a follow-up event, in which students will be invited on a trip to the Houses of Parliament to observe a Select Committee.

Lucy Hanson, one of the students who attended the event, said, “Being able to engage with a former Cabinet Minister in an open discussion meant we gained a true impression of the work that happens at the heart of Government.  We were able to debate some difficult issues concerning civil liberties in relation to ID cards and measures to tackle terrorism with someone who had developed policy as Home Secretary.”