World-famous Steiner visited the College’s Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy students to tell them all about life working on a cruise ship.

The College has an outstanding reputation in the fields of Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy. Students from previous years have chosen to continue their studies at university, or else have progressed to working in their chosen industry. Many have managed to follow their dreams. For some this means opening their own salon, whilst others have chosen a slightly different path.

In February two of the College’s Beauty Students—Shona Simpson and Faye Carradice—were chosen from hundreds of applicants to work with Steiner, the largest and most renowned company that operates spas at sea. They certainly aren’t the first Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form students to be selected.

For over ten years, Steiner has been visiting the College to deliver presentations detailing what they are looking for in their future employees and exactly what is required to work on a cruise ship. For most of these ten years, at least one student from Hairdressing or Beauty Therapy has been selected from the College to work with Steiner on board luxury cruise ships all over the world. This is an absolutely fantastic achievement, as it allows the chosen student to work in their preferred industry – and gives them an amazing experience that few others will ever even dream of!