A Level Law and Government and Politics students from Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form have had the opportunity to question a real life Judge as part of their course.

A Level Law and Government and Politics are challenging subjects, which are very popular with the College’s students. Each year, students from the College progress into some of the best universities in the country including the University of Oxford and King’s College, London, and into fantastic careers. As always, the College is dedicated to giving their students an in-depth understanding of their chosen subject and as part of this; students are able to participate in educational trips and enjoy visits from people working in the industry.

Recently, students from Law and Government and Politics met Her Honour Judge Pamela Badley. She came to the College to speak to the students about a typical day in the life of a Circuit Judge and about how she came to work in the Judiciary. Mrs Bradley has been a barrister for almost thirty years and has been a Circuit Judge for Preston Crown Court since 2001. She is responsible for sitting in Crown Court cases, including high-profile murder investigations.

Mrs Badley spoke to students about the use of juries in the English Legal System and about the types of cases she hears on a daily basis. She completed an exercise with students, in which they decided upon the sentences they would give to a defendant based upon the guidelines set down by Parliament. She also answered students’ questions on possible career opportunities that they could potentially progress to, as well as discussing topical issues in the law, such as whether or not capital punishment should be reinstated.