A Level students at Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form are officially top of the class, after their results place the College as first college in the country for Value Added scores.

Results data released by the government has shown that our A Level students’ achievements mean that we are also officially the number one College nationally for Value Added scores.

‘Value Added’ measures are just as crucial as pass rates and high grades; they look at the final results a student is awarded compared to the GCSE grades they achieved at school. In basic terms, our A Level students outperform expectations based on their predicted grades.

Nelson and Colne College has a long-standing tradition of excellence, with whole generations of families benefitting from the education they received whilst studying at the College. From company directors, technicians and artists, to doctors, entrepreneurs and professional engineers; the College is proud of its former students, who are now making meaningful contributions in their fields; further indication of the College’s ability to instil a fantastic foundation from which to build a successful career.

Part of this outstanding success is attributed to the dedication of all staff and students. The College is lucky to have a fantastic team of staff, with many years of teaching experience who are determined to ensure their students’ success and future careers.

Principal of the College, Amanda Melton said, “I am incredibly proud of the success of our students, and the recent Value Added data for A Level achievement at the College is simply fantastic! It is clear to see that students who study with us are bright, hardworking and dedicated to their personal success and that they are guided by an outstanding group of teachers and support staff. The table shows just how much progress students make during the relatively short period they spend with us. I would also like to recognise the incredible backup that parents, families and guardians provide which helps us to help our students.

Staff, students and families alike should all be proud to feature at the top of the national college success tables. It shows the extent of talent which exists in our region and that we have one of finest colleges nationally here in the heart of Pendle.”