Level 3 Business students at Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form have been learning about ‘risk’ at a special event run by the Chartered Insurance Institute.

The Business Studies department at Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form is a highly regarded and very successful department which has seen students go on to achieve fantastic careers. In order to give their students a well-rounded business education, which will set them up for their future careers, the department regularly invites industry ‘experts’ to the classroom.

At an event called “Discover Risk”, run by the Chartered Insurance Institute. (CII), the Business students took part in a fun and interactive games where insurance industry professionals from AXA insurance helped to provide support and guidance.  Students had the opportunity to ask detailed questions about roles in the industry, and about the range of career prospects and likely earnings. They were also able to consider whether insurance would be a plausible option for them when they start applying for university, apprenticeships or employment next year.

The event was offered as part of a national campaign by CII to promote jobs and apprenticeships in the insurance industry.

Business tutor Abdul Shahar said, “This was an amazing opportunity for our students to interact with professionals in industry and gain an idea of where they wish to go on after College.  It was also fascinating to see students so engrossed in the competitive board games which really got them thinking creatively in terms of insurance and risk.”

Business student Harriet Holmes said, “I gained a better understanding of what insurance companies can offer in terms of a career, and this has led me to seriously consider the industry in terms of my own options now.”