NCC Drama students tackled tough questions when they were put under the microscope by Vocational Science peers during a simulated criminal investigation.

After being called out to the scene of a mock murder, Level 3 Science students on the Forensic route pulled on their white suits and combed the scene for clues and collected all the evidence they could find.

They then sifted through their findings and brought in several of the A Level Drama students for questioning during the imitated investigation.

The Science students are now collating together all their forensic evidence and interview information ahead of writing a crime report for the CPS.

Level 3 Forensic Science student Bradley Edwards, 17, said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the interviews with the Drama students.

“I feel it was valuable experience as I was able to apply different interview techniques for the questions I asked, such as the use of open and closed questions.

“It has developed my interview sInterview-1kills and improved the techniques that I used. It also allowed me to build-up my team-working skills and confidence.”

A Level Drama student, Olivia Kinsella, 17, said: “It was fun to be able to get into character and I found it a really good experience. I just had to say that I didn’t know anything and I didn’t know how it happened.

“It was also great to see how the Vocational Science students work and how they plan and construct their interview questions.”

As well as going on to do Forensic Science, other popular routes Vocational Science students have chosen following their studies at NCC include Criminology, Crime Scene Investigation, Biomedical Science and Radiography.

Alison Latham, Curriculum Leader for Vocational Science, said: “This is a really immersive learning experience for our students and it was brilliant to see students from both A Level and Vocational routes working together so well.

“The simulated investigation has enabled those doing Forensic Science to put a range of their skills to the test and the Drama students have benefited from it as well, as their acting ability was put under a different kind of spotlight.

“All students who have been involved in this are getting a taste of the working world and it is exactly the kind of preparation they need as they get ready for their next step after College.”

According to latest government statistics, NCC is top in the area for vocational studies and top in Lancashire for A Levels, based on progress scores.

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