From cracking computer codes, to inspecting a crime scene, to solving mathematical challenges, students had a fabulous time finding their way through the Nelson and Colne College “Crystal Maze”.

Fifty-five students, in teams of three and four, took part in the interactive enrichment activity, which included seven science, maths and computer science related tasks. The event, which took around one and a half hours to complete, involved current students and alumni, and helped those who have just finished exams to unwind.

Stand-out activities included building a tower to suspend an egg as high as possible using only spaghetti and sellotape (Physics) and inspecting a crime scene to determine how long the victim had been dead (Forensic Entomology).

Winners were “The Playfernators” (Ben Playfer, Chantelle Waddington, Charlie Lord and Arron Sutcliffe), who were closely followed by the College’s former students, who named themselves “The Old Guys”. The winning team will have their name engraved on a trophy and they each received a box of sweets.

Mathematics tutor Lee Peel said: “One of my interests is to ensure maths and science is kept interesting and fun. I hope that the students enjoyed the Crystal Maze challenge and managed to engage with a new subject area.

“The teams were excellent and it was a pleasure to see the students, past and present, working so hard and being so enthusiastic.”

And student Nelam Akhtar (17), who is studying Chemistry, Biology and Maths, added: “It is great that Nelson and Colne College have given us the opportunity to relax after exams and have some fun.”

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