A student from Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form recently attended the University of Manchester for a three day event, learning all about the field of Audiology!

Explore Audiology at Manchester University was a three day mini course, designed to give students an insight into audiology. Audiology is a rapidly developing and highly important field; approximately 16% of the population have a significant hearing loss, and this problem exists in people of all ages and from all walks of life. Healthcare professionals specialising in audiology identify and assess hearing and balance function and their associated disorders, recommending and providing appropriate therapeutic rehabilitation and management. The Explore Audiology course delivers an insight into how challenging this field can be, through a series of practical classes, lectures and group research projects.

Zoe Bryan, a former pupil of Colne Park High School, was one of the select few attending the Explore Audiology course. Zoe has been studying A Levels in Art, Biology, Chemistry and Psychology at Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form. During her time at College, she has also been participating in the College’s innovative Pre-Med programme which aims to give students an insight into medical careers by visiting local and national places of interest, and inviting in or attending talks by professionals already working in the field. Pre-Med is designed to help students understand what lies in store for them if they pursue a challenging medical career or further study in medicine, and so the Explore Audiology course was the perfect choice for Zoe!

Zoe Bryan said, “Explore Audiology was a worthwhile experience and I’m glad I was a part of it. By attending this event, I gained a better understanding of the role of Audiology in people’s lives and the work it involves. The lectures gave me an idea of what university will be like. Talking to people with a common interest in Audiology, who include other college students, lecturers and university students, was very informative. It was interesting to hear their insight and opinions, and to share mine! Going to this event has confirmed that Audiology is something that I’d like to do in the future because it has shown me how significant it is in the healthcare profession. I also really enjoyed the practical activities and learning about hearing and hearing problems as a whole.”