College Students recently visited the National Media Museum, to learn about TV advertising and editing.

The College endeavours to promote learning beyond the confines of the classroom, by taking students on engaging visits to local places of interest and businesses; by accepting industry experts into the College to talk about their passions, and so much more!

Recently, students from Fresh Start and Entry Level 3 IT visited the National Media Museum for a day of learning about television advertising and editing! The National Media Museum is a fantastic and inspiring learning environment located in the heart of the north, devoted to film, photography, television, radio and the web. There are permanent interactive galleries, 3 cinemas (including a 5 storey IMAX theatre) showing the latest 3D films and a collection of films not normally seen in your local multiplex! In addition, the Museum houses an extensive research and archive collection and is home to the BBC’s Bradford radio, TV and online studios – a real working exhibit!

Whilst at the Museum, the students watched a documentary about the Hubble Telescope in the 3D IMAX cinema. In the afternoon, the students attended a two hour workshop on TV advertising and editing with industry expert Jack Lockhart. The purpose of the workshop was to find out about target audiences, unique selling points and tag lines.

The students were given video cameras to create clips in the museum in small groups, which they then had to edit into a 30 second advert, using all the latest equipment and software that the Museum had to offer! They had a fantastic day of learning and exploring—and now the TV adverts they created will be used as evidence for their assignments, allowing them to use their experience to complete their College course!

Adil Sharif, one of the students who attended the visit to the National Media Museum, said that, “The trip was amazing! I had a lot of fun going around the museum taking videos. I really enjoyed looking through the TV cameras that they use on set, and the best bit was the documentary of the Hubble telescope – it was really cool and informative.”