A Level History students at Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form have taken part in a residential visit to Berlin in Germany

Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form is renowned for the quality of its teaching and in addition to instilling the importance of an academic education, the College is keen to give its students real-life experiences which enhance their understanding of subjects being studied in class and broadens their horizons from a cultural point of view.

A Level History is a challenging subject which requires an enquiring mind and understanding of the events in history which have shaped the world as we know it today. Therefore, the trip to Berlin in Germany, where they were able to visit a number of sites of European and world historical interest, not only allowed the students to visit places they were talking about during their studies, giving them a greater understanding of events which they would find in exams later in the year, but it also had the added benefit of providing them with to a rich cultural experience.

History Tutor Edward Fuller accompanied the students and said, “Whilst in Germany we visited the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, which was used to house many of the Nazis political opponents, the Olympic Stadium; site of Jesse Owen’s famous gold medal performances, the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie, which marked the crossing from the East to the West of the city during the Cold War. It was a great experience for the students, the majority of whom had never visited Germany before. The opportunity to experience the different cultures and attitudes in a major European city is also highly beneficial for these young people, as it opens their minds to different communities prior to them starting university or work in the next couple of years.”