Students at Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form have been learning vital lessons about the importance of safe and considered driving at an event run in conjunction with Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety.

Throughout October a number of students were involved in the Wasted Lives Programme, which is a Road Safety Campaign. This programme was designed to challenge attitudes and influence the behaviours of young drivers and their passengers, encouraging young people to think about the consequences of their actions. National statistics show that one in three new drivers crash within the first two years of passing their test and according to the research undertaken by Wasted Lives, 73% of participants in the programme take fewer risks as they understand the potential consequences of risk-taking behaviour.

The programme covered speeding, the use of seatbelts, how drugs and alcohol influence our ability to make positive actions and the implications of dangerous driving. As well as watching a number of videos and taking part in interactive activities such as ‘beer goggles’ and breathalysers, the final session explored the consequences of making the wrong decision. Here, students watched a powerful film called “Missing Matthew”. This features the parents of a young man who was killed racing his friend and sees them discuss the impact his death has had on his family and friends.  In addition, the Wasted Lives team and the Emergency Services also brought a car to the campus, which had been donated by the parents of another young man who was tragically involved in a fatal crash.

Student Experience and Enrichment Co-ordinator Amy Platts said, “The Wasted Lives programme is dedicated to challenging new and soon-to-be young drivers’ attitudes to the risks associated with driving and improving their ability to assess risks, make the right decisions and accept responsibility for their actions as drivers and passengers. We are committed to providing a well-rounded education to all our students, and not just academically – we have had very positive feedback from both students and staff who attended the event and it has encouraged them to think differently about all aspects of road safety.”