A Level students from Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form have attended a ‘One-day School in Physics’ at the University of Manchester.

Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form has an enviable reputation for excellence in the sciences, with a team of highly trained, experienced staff, many of whom are examiners and scientists in their own right. The College is one of only a handful in the country to have been awarded STEM Assured status, which recognises excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and it places emphasis on ‘real-life’ experiences which greatly enhance its students’ studies.

The College’s Physic students were therefore invited to attend the One-day School of Physics at the University of Manchester. In addition to a series of talks in various aspects of physics and astronomy research, complementing material from their A Level course, they also had an opportunity find out what life and study is like at a top university, directly from a PhD student, Craig Testrow.

Physics tutor Stephen Coates accompanied the students and said, “It was a fantastic opportunity for our Physics students to hear about the forefront of research concerning the nature and origin of the Universe. They also learnt more about why Physics is an important and relevant subject, affecting everyday lives in technological applications.  We heard from experts such as Dr Eamonn Kerins from the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, and Dr Tobias Galla, who talked about how Physics can be applied to areas such as evolution, economics and the movement of people. It was an interesting and insightful day and the students certainly came back enthused about Physics!”