Upay – The smarter way to pay

We are working towards making the College a cash free environment. The College uses a cashless “smart card” system, which enables you to pay for food and drinks in the refectory without the need to carry cash. You simply add credit, via your Upay Account or the machine in the refectory, to your ID badge and scan that at the checkout.

Crediting and managing your account

Register your Upay Account at www.upay.co.uk. Client ID number for Nelson and Colne College is 128, or click on the link;


Once you have opened your account, the quickest and easiest way to top up is online at www.upay.co.uk, where you can also:

  • view your statement and current balance to keep track of your spending
  • set your designated credit or debit card to automatically top up your account when your

balance reaches a pre-determined limit, so that you always have credit in your account

  • set an email reminder to be sent when your balance reaches a pre-determined limit

You can also manage your account via your mobile phone, for more details please click here. The online and mobile phone top up service is totally free to use and allows you to avoid queues when you want to credit your account. There will also be a coin loader machine in college, where you can credit your account during opening hours – though please note, this may get quite busy, particularly around meal times.

If you lose your card you should report this to Student Services so that an immediate stop can be put on your card. A new card will be issued and any balance left on your card at the time or reporting it lost or stolen will be transferred. You can also go online to make your card inactive. There will be a £3 replacement card fee to pay (£1 extra for lanyard and holders).

Click HERE to view a copy of the Cashless Smart Card Introductory leaflet.

Click HERE to view or download the Upay user guide.

Click HERE if you have any queries or suggestions regarding the Smart Card system.