Sources of funding

UK Higher Education is funded in the same way, whether it is provided in a College or a University. While fees differ between institutions, the sources of funding to support students are the same.


Students are, of course, welcome to pay their own fees but in practice few are able to do so.  Self-funding students usually pay for their studies annually on enrolment.

A significant proportion of our students are supported by their employers paying some or all of their fees on their behalf.  In these cases the College will bill the employer direct provided a letter from the employer confirming their willingness to pay is provided at enrolment.

Higher Education Financial Support – Tuition Fees

Our university fees are lower than universities and with the additional savings of living at home, that’s even more reason to study at one of our campuses. If you are planning to study a HE qualification and are not self-funding the course, you are eligible to apply for tuition fee funding via Student Finance England. The Tuition Fee Loan doesn’t have to be paid back until your income is over the current UK repayment threshold of £26,575 a year from 06/04/2020. Tuition fee loans are applicable for both full-time and part-time study.

Maintenance Loan
If you are studying full-time, you may be eligible for a Maintenance Loan to help with living costs. This is dependent upon your household income.

Childcare Grant (CCG)

If you are studying full-time, you might also be able to apply for a CCG, which helps with childcare costs. This is dependent upon your household income. If you require support to complete your Student Loan application, please contact The Higher Education Admissions Team on 01254 354 047 or email

Access to Higher Education Financial Support
Access to Higher Education Diploma courses may be FREE with an Advanced Learner Loan! Loans may be reclaimed upon completion of a HE qualification. Financial support may also be available for students to support with course related fees. Please note that for the Access to University Diploma this is only reimbursed upon completion of your chosen HE programme. The fully funded programme route is for those aged 19-24 that are aiming to complete their first full level 3 qualification.

Advanced Learner Loan

If you are looking to study a course at Level 3 or above and are not eligible for this to be funded, an Advanced Learner Loan may be an option to pay your course fees. Loan repayments are linked to what you earn when you have finished your course, not how much you borrowed.

You only need to start paying back your Advanced Learner Loan when you are earning more than £26,575 a year from 06/04/2021. For more information on the Advanced Learner Loan visit advanced-learner-loan/overview

If you wish to apply for an Advanced Learner Loan, loan applications can be made when you enrol. You will need a valid UK passport or birth certificate (the application takes longer to process if you do not have a passport). You will also need information from College to complete the loan application – this will be provided at your financial assessment.

Higher Level Apprenticeships

If you are an employer and would like more information about how you can finance a Degree or Higher Level Apprenticeship programme, please contact The Higher Education Admissions Team on 01254 354117 /01254 354047 or email