This is one of the hardest things to prepare for when securing an Apprenticeship vacancy. Initially, you will only be thinking about starting the Apprenticeship and be thinking about what the people will be like, will you enjoy the tasks they set for you, etc…

More importantly, however, consider what the employer is looking for from you as their Apprentice, the expectations they have of you, and your behaviour within the workplace.

Below, we’ve provided you with a few top tips on what an employer is looking for from you, to be their next star Apprentice.

  1. Time keeping and excellent attendance

Employers expect you to be able to demonstrate an ability to turn up every day on time. So, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get up in a morning and arrive to work with time to spare!


  1. Passion for the work

Before you apply for any position you must demonstrate an understanding of what is required and have a passion for the sector that you are interested in. Make sure you are certain about the role when accepting your Apprenticeship and consider whether you know everything you need to about what your role and responsibilities will be.


  1. Good attitude

Show commitment, be able to take instructions and prove you are an asset to the team. If you make a good impression to your employer, you are immediately getting yourself on the right route to a successful career.


  1. Present a positive image and be polite and presentable

You need to be able to have strong eye contact and be confident in asking for instructions. Remember, you are representing a company and need to maintain positivity and professionalism at all times, and that means no foul language or poor behaviour.


  1. Willingness to progress

All our Apprentices are expected to progress to at least Level 3. To do this you must be capable of achieving numeracy, literacy and in some frameworks/standards, ICT at Level 2. Your Trainer Assessor will speak to your employer on a regular basis to ensure you are progressing within your Apprenticeship as you should.


  1. Confidence and independence

As you are now a fully-fledged Apprentice and full-time member of the team, you must be able to take ownership of your own learning and development to fulfil all the components of the framework/standard where necessary.


  1. Team player

Show that you are able to work well with others and can work both individually but also as part of a team – this will impress your employer and show them that you’re willing to help others that are in need and vice versa. This will help you to settle into your new role as well and get to know your colleagues a little more too.

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