We have a range of specialist facilities available to you as a student to help you get the most out of your College experience.

We have carefully designed the spaces around our College campus to ensure that you are able to study in a way that is suited to you.

Learning Resource Centre (LRC) and Study Spaces

At College, there is a lot more emphasis than at school on independent study, and our facilities give you the space, flexibility and equipment you need to continue your learning outside of the classroom. Find out more about our Learning Resource Centre and Study Spaces.

Refectory and Cafe Area

The College features both a Refectory and Café area at its campus, meaning there’s plenty of space for you to grab something to eat and socialise in-between lessons with friends and peers. Find out more about our Refectory and Cafe Areas.

Industry Facilities

Whatever course you choose, we will provide access to dedicated facilities to help you prepare for the world of work. Our industry environments are innovative and provide opportunities to develop the technical skills, knowledge and experience that both employers and universities are looking for.

Distinction Salon

Sports Facilities

Engineering Skills Facility

For more information contact Student Services: 01282 440 209.

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