Talented students at Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form have been lending a helping hand to Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson, by designing and implementing a marketing campaign for his Jobs Fair, which takes place on Thursday 9th February!

Tasked by Mr Stephenson, the group, made up of Graphic Design, Business, Pre-Journalism and IT students, have met frequently to come up with a marketing campaign to promote the Pendle Jobs Fair, which takes place on Thursday 9th February – during National Apprenticeship Week. This was a real, professional ‘job’ for the MP and the students were keen to ensure that the campaign was a success!

Splitting into groups, the students designed and wrote copy for a poster and flyer, built and populated a website (www.pendlejobsfair.co.uk), ensuring that it was kept fully up-to-date, set up a social media campaign on Facebook, and sent out press releases and pre-event notices to the local media, including the papers and radio. Each student pulled on their own expertise in marketing, business, IT or journalism to ensure that their service was professional and productive!

Andrew Stephenson said “I wanted to involve the students at Nelson and Colne College because it seemed a really good idea to give them the experience of handling a promotion from start to finish and see the very public results of their hard work. I have been really impressed with their creativity, professionalism, and ability to meet tight deadlines. The campaign has involved a mix of expertise – business planning, design, IT and journalism – and they have all worked together to give the Jobs Fair a really good profile.”

Samman Mahmood, one of the College’s Pre-Professional Journalism students said, “It was an excellent experience, as it really gave me an idea of how things work in marketing, and although I am really interested in Journalism, the writing experience will be extremely beneficial for me in the future! I recently had a job interview with the BLAZE project on the Pendle Arts Council, and they said that there would be some important things to do in the marketing and asked if I had any experience. I told them what we had done to promote the Pendle Jobs Fair…and now I have a second interview!”

The College is keen to provide its students with as much ‘real-life’ experience as possible in the context of their studies, as it is this aspect which makes them stand out from the crowd when applying for universities and jobs!


For more information about the Pendle Jobs Fair, visit the students’ websitewww.pendlejobsfair.co.uk or their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/PendleJobsFair