Experts from Nelson and Colne College are sharing their top tips for students in the midst of revision season.

 With exams looming, GCSE and A Level students across East Lancashire will be looking for guidance of how to manage their workload, deal with stress, and ultimately achieve their potential.

As such, tutors at NCC have given their advice, from finding a committed study buddy to share research and ideas with, to getting a quiet space to revise in with no distractions.

Over the Easter break, prospective Nelson and Colne College students are also being sent quirky bubble wrap packages containing post-it notes and a pen – with the message “Press to de-stress”. A survey run by Sealed Air Corporation found that one minute spent popping bubble wrap relieves as much stress as a 33 minute massage!

Nelson and Colne College’s Curriculum Leader for Science Brenda Rowan said: “Make a revision timetable and share it with your family so they know that you won’t be available during your study sessions.

“Reading through your notes is not enough. Four simple steps to success: make summary notes, learn them thoroughly, complete past paper questions, and review your answers with the mark scheme.”

Head of Division (acting) for Business, Humanities and Languages Fionnuala Swann added: “Take a complicated topic. Try to explain it to your family – it will help you make sense of it.”

Other tips from the NCC+ Careers Zone team include:

  • Make the most of spare moments, by reading revision cards or listening to revision podcasts
  • Think positive; visualise yourself feeling prepared on the day and doing yourself proud on results day
  • Include relaxation time in your timetable to recharge the batteries
  • Getting eight hours sleep a night, drinking lots of water and being active will help to manage stress levels and increase productivity

Nelson and Colne College has a number of facilities for students to make the most of while they are revising – including a revamped Learning Resource Centre and a Study Zone, with study pods, computer spaces and more.

GCSE students wanting more information about studying at NCC prior to their exams can contact the College’s Admissions Team on 01282 440272. No matter what your results, there is always a course for you at NCC.