A Level student Scott Taylor, from Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form has been given an insight into what it is like working for a successful law firm after winning a place on the Eversheds Unlocked for Students programme.

Scott is a participant in the College’s innovative Pre-Professional Programme for Law, which aims to help students who are interested in working in the legal professions to make the best possible start on this career path. Students attend trips and visits to places of interest, such as the Police Head Quarters, and the magistrates and crown courts. They also have an opportunity to attend special seminars and lectures with visiting ‘experts’ such as qualified solicitors.

Scott found out about the Evershed Unlocked programme after his Pre-Law tutor brought it to the classes attention. After applying for the opportunity to take part, Scott was thrilled to learn he had been successful and would be attending the Eversheds regional offices in Manchester during the Easter holidays.

He said, “I was surprised but really pleased to find out that I was being given the opportunity to take part in the Eversheds Unlocked programme in Manchester. When I joined Nelson and Colne College, I was quite interested in Law, but it was only after joining the Pre-Law group and visiting the courts that I realised I really did want to work in this profession. I applied to Evershed in order to gain valuable experience which would look good on my CV and personal statement. I am currently looking at Law courses at a number of universities including Lancaster so hopefully this experience will really make my university application stand out.”

Caption: A Level student Scott Taylor, ready to start on the Eversheds Unlocked programme