Students from the College have had an exciting opportunity to investigate rebranding Nelson Town Centre with Pendle Council’s Town Team for Rebranding.

A Level Geography students from Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form recently visited Nelson Town Centre, to investigate ‘the need for rebranding in an urban area.’ They decided to visit Nelson as it is close to their hearts and minds.

Whilst in the centre, the students had to complete environmental and shopping quality surveys, a qualitative Placecheck survey, and footfall at three points. When they returned to the College, the students analysed the data and compared and contrasted it with the research they had already undertaken, into the need for rebranding Nelson.

Students then headed over to Skipton to conduct a flood risk survey and a qualitative analysis of flood defences in Skipton, whilst working with staff from the Malham Tarn Field Studies Centre. The Town Team for Rebranding, co-ordinated by the Pendle Council, has also been involved with the students’ project. The leader of the Town Team, Paul Collins, visited the students at the end of April to discuss what they have learned during their investigations.

The students will soon be using their research—and the knowledge they have gained—to create a promotional video, detailing the importance of urban rebranding!