A Level Film students from the College visited the National Media Museum in Bradford on the 11th March to watch Hitchcock’s classic film, Vertigo.

The College offers a range of challenging courses in its highly regarded Arts and Media department. Each year, students progress from the College onto the top art schools and universities across the UK, including the University of Leeds, the University of Sheffield, the University of Glasgow, the University of Salford and King’s College, London.

In order to inspire its students the College frequently takes them to prominent exhibitions and galleries, which allows them to become familiar with artistic concepts and eminent artists and creators of media. Most recently the College’s A Level Film Studies students visited the National Media Museum in Bradford, to attend a study day on Alfred Hitchcock’s perennially popular film, Vertigo (1958).

The National Media Museum is a fantastic and inspiring learning environment in the heart of the north, devoted to film, photography, television, radio and the web. There are permanent interactive galleries, 3 cinemas (including a 5 storey IMAX theatre) showing the latest 3D films and a collection of films not normally seen in your local multiplex! In addition, the Museum houses an extensive research and archive collection and is home to the BBC’s Bradford radio, TV and online studios – a real working exhibit!

Opportunities to visit such environments greatly enhance the students’ knowledge. The students were able to get an understanding of Vertigo that far surpassed what they would have achieved from simply watching the 1958 classic film at home or in the classroom. The National Media Museum describes Vertigo as, “a groundbreaking film that pushed the boundaries of critical and public acceptance” and “an artistic statement years ahead of its time.”

This in-depth study of Vertigo by industry experts undoubtedly contributed to the day’s success and popularity. One of the students who attended the event, Shannon Riley, said that, “The film is so rich and multi-layered. I can’t wait to start discussing it in class.”