Hairdressing students recently attended the longest running local hair and beauty event at the Winter Gardens at Blackpool, to inspire them for the Annual Hairdressing Competition at the Municipal Hall on 26th March.

The College has an outstanding reputation for excellence in the Hairdressing industry. Many of the College’s previous students have progressed on to full-time work in the industry. A number of students have joined local salons, providing them with the next generation of top stylists. Students have gained employment further afield, too – some have joined top salons in Manchester, Leeds and London, and some students have even crossed the sea and left Britain entirely!

During their time at the College, the Hairdressing students are invited on a number of events, including an annual visit to Hair & Beauty North West. Hair & Beauty North West is the area’s longest running major hair and beauty event, held each year at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool.

The sixty Hairdressing students who visited the event last week were able to see and do a variety of incredible things, from witnessing avant-garde demonstrations to entering a variety of competitions. It was a great opportunity for them to see, in person, techniques and styles that may be useful for them during the Annual Hairdressing Competition, on 26th March.

The Annual Hairdressing Competition is intended to showcase the talents of the College’s talented students, where each year they must create a hair model to a set theme. Competition is always fierce, and a wide array of skills is displayed on the evening, bringing glitz and glamour to the Municipal Hall!

Hair & Beauty North West welcomed over 7000 hair and beauty professionals and students, including the College’s own attending students. The event was busy but inspirational for staff and students alike, and now the students are even keener to compete at the Annual Hairdressing Competition, and put their skills and knowledge to the test!

Kelsie Lampard, a Level 1 student who attended the trip, was thrilled by the experience. “It was fantastic, seeing all the creativity by young stylists. It really gave me an insight into what I want to do in the future!”