Students on the College’s innovative and highly successful Pre-Med programme have been visited by former students who are on their way to dream careers!

Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form has an enviable reputation for excellence in the sciences. With highly trained, experienced staff, many of whom are examiners and scientists in their own right; the College is well placed to teach the next generation of health professionals. The College has also developed and perfected its unique pre-professional programme for medicine (Pre Med). This exciting and challenging extra-curricular course, offered in addition to a student’s regular studies, provides extra support and guidance for those who want to apply to highly competitive degree programmes in medical related areas such as medicine, veterinary sciences and dentistry.

Participants attend regular additional sessions, lectures with industry professionals and attend field trips to specialist facilities such as Christie Hospital and NOWGEN genetics. Visits and events are tailored to the interests of participating students and are aimed at helping them to become fully aware of the opportunities available in their chosen industry. They also attend a number of university open days and a two day training course to prepare for the UK Clinical Aptitude Test, which all medical applicants have to complete. Students will also be given assistance in finding relevant work experience and guidance in applying for the correct schools. They are then prepared for interview by highly experienced staff, dedicated and committed to seeing their students progress to Medical, Veterinary and Dentistry courses.

In order to give the students a ‘real-life’ perspective on the courses they are interested in, the College was pleased to welcome back 5 former students, who have left in the past 2-3 years and who are currently studying a range of medical related degree programmes. Visiting the current students included, Ellie Phipps, who is currently reading Veterinary Science at the University of Liverpool, Sally Goldsbrough who is reading Medicine at Keele University, Sahira Khurshid who is reading Medicine at Lancaster University, Nell Milligan who is reading Biomedical Science at Newcastle University and Mehvish Farooq who is reading Pharmacy at King’s College, London.

Science tutor and Pre-Med Leader Brenda Rowan said, “It was great that some of our former students were able to visit our current students, to offer support and advice about applying for the courses they are interested in at university. They have gone through the process themselves and were able to give tips about the interview process and tell them more about the courses they are studying. As one of their former tutors, it was an incredibly proud moment to see them return to College as mature, university students – able to advise others on their chosen career paths.”