Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form was thrilled to learn of the achievement of one of its former A Level students, Sian Rathore who has achieved her dream to become a published author!

Working with publishing house 79 Rat Press, Sian has written poetry as part of an exhibition of conceptual art called ‘NOTHING TO SAY’ and her book will be published in print and will also be available as an ebook. In addition, some of the poems will be used as art in exhibitions in Oxford and London and with these exhibitions; a catalogue of poems will also feature Sian’s work.

Sian has been working hard since completing A Levels including English Language and Literature at the College, gaining work as a poetry and short fiction editor for a Canadian Lit-zine called Metazen and some journalism for the Huffington Post. Sian has also created her own Lit-zine called Sadcore Dadwave and is working on her first novella “Fra Pandolf By Design”, which is a reworking of Browning’s poem, “On my Last Duchess”.

Sian said, “I am thankful to my College tutor Donna; I’ve always found her to be a great teacher and some of the work she taught me is work that still returns as popular themes in my poetry now – I’m in the middle of writing a novella based on a poem that Donna herself taught me and I still to this day have a deep love of Shakespeare that I didn’t have before. All I wanted to do was to become a published author and now I’m overjoyed that it’s happened.  I really loved my time at Nelson and Colne College and I do have a lot of pride that I was able to study there. Donna especially was always supportive of me and I really do have a lot to thank her for.”