Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing has been enjoyed by a variety of people throughout the years, and most recently by students from Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form!

Drama and Theatre Studies at the College is a highly successful course, which aims to help aspiring thespians gain an insight into both the practical and theoretical aspects of theatre. In previous years, students of the course have gone on to enjoy great success at university and their later careers. It is also a course which provides students with great transferable skills, including self-confidence which are very important for a student’s future career.

Throughout their time at the College, students enjoy a variety of trips to local and national theatrical productions. Most recently, they attended a performance of the classic Shakespearean comedy, Much Ado About Nothing, at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester. The production turned Shakespeare’s play into an imaginative and engaging contemporary work, in order to examine the changes in gender relationships throughout the mid-20th century – and it was a big hit with the students!

The performance greatly enhanced the students’ understanding of text interpretation, with emphasis on how historical texts may be interpreted by modern directors, making them relevant to a modern audience. Second year students will soon write up an assessment of the production, to be used as part of their final written exam.

Drama and Theatre Studies tutor Lesley Playfer said, “It was really great to get out of College and get a first-hand experience of a theatrical event!”