Young scientists from across East Lancashire have benefitted from a university lecture from astro-physicist Dr Peter Edwards at the College.

Over 60 A Level Physics students from the College and over 50 school pupils from Sir John Thursby Community College, Park High School and Blessed Trinity RC College were treated to a talk from Dr Peter Edwards of Durham University on ‘The Dark Side of the Universe’. The talk offered students a unique insight into some of the important topics that they study at the end of A2 Physics, such as the fate of the universe and evidence for the expansion of the universe. They were also introduced to degree level topics, such as dark energy and dark matter. These two topics are at the frontier of modern physics and account for around 95% of the universe.

Dr Peter Edwards is a well-known and respected participant in his field. He spends a significant portion of his time working for the innovative outreach programme at Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics, which uses actual scientific research and theories to engage schoolchildren and stimulate their interest in science.

The College’s Physics Department is experiencing exciting times with trips to Kielder Observatory last November, a trip to CERN in Geneva in June and new lab facilities being installed over the summer. The College is committed to ensuring that its students achieve the highest possible grades in the sciences, and it is one of only a handful in the country to have been awarded STEM Assured status. This recognises excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and emphasises ‘real-life’ experiences which greatly enhance its students’ studies.