Sep 27, 2011

Students at Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form are proving that they have what it takes to become the next generation of legal professionals by taking up places to study Law and related degree programmes at some of the UK’s top universities.

pre law

In 2011, more than 20 students from Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form have progressed to Law, or related degrees such as Criminology at some of the UK’s top universities, including King’s College London.

Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form offers a unique and innovative Pre-Professional Programme for Law, which is aimed at helping students who are interested in pursuing a career in the legal professions to gain entry to highly competitive degree programmes. Academic year 201 -2011 was the programme’s inaugural year, and participants took part in trips to a Law Conference at Salford University, the Life Behind Bars conference, visited the Magistrates and Burnley Crown Courts and local Police Stations. In addition, students were visited by guest speakers such as University Admissions Officers, Police Community Support Officers and local Solicitors.

There is also an opportunity for Pre-Law students to apply to take part in the Pathway to Law initiative, which aims to provide opportunities for students who are interested in a career in Law, and will be first generation attendees at university. Last year the College saw one student enroll on this innovative initiative with the University of Manchester, which offered a full and varied programme of lectures, seminars, advice and guidance sessions, skill development and interaction with students and professionals through blogs and e-mentoring.

Pre-Law Co-ordinator and Law tutor Sharon Mellor said, “I was delighted to see that so many of the students who took part in our first Pre-Law course last year did so well in their exams. The Pre-law course enhanced the students’ academic planning and helped to prepare them for choosing to read Law at university, which in turn meant that they made a successful transition into some of the highest ranking universities, such as King’s College, London. I am sure that this year’s Pre-Law course will prove just as popular and successful.”