Students participating in the College’s Pre-Professional Programme for Law have visited the Burnley Magistrates’ Court and Burnley Police Station to learn more about the process of convicting criminal offenders.

The Pre-Law programme at Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form is an innovative course which aims to prepare those who wish to enter the legal profession for their future career and university degree programmes. The course is a proven path to a degree course in Law, and last year the College was thrilled that more than 20 students progressed onto Law or related degree programmes including Criminology and Legal Studies.

During the Pre-Professional Programme, students are able to attend trips and visits to universities and places of interest relevant to their course. The College also welcomes visiting experts who come into the classroom to offer an insight into their careers and students also receive specialist advice and guidance for applying for places onto the most competitive degree programmes.

At this latest visit, the Pre-Law students were able to learn all about the criminal justice system by a visit to both the Burnley Magistrates’ Court and Burnley Police Station.

Whilst at the Magistrates’ Court, the students met with Court Clerk Gordon Robinson, who told the students about the correct procedures in the courtroom. The group sat in several cases including one which involved handling stolen goods and the theft of a large amount of cheese!

After leaving the Courts, they were met by Dave Johnson, PCSO and taken on a tour of the Burnley Police Station. He also illustrated how a person goes through the criminal justice system from arrest to court proceedings.

Pre-Law student Zain Raja, who is studying for A Levels in French and Law, as well as completing an AS in Government and Politics said, “I enjoyed the visit to the magistrates’ court and police station because it helped me understand the correct procedures involved in court and convicting criminals.

Fellow Pre-Law student Azar Ramzan, who is currently completing A Levels in Law, Business Studies and Sociology, as well as an AS in Economics agreed and said, “The Pre-Law programme at Nelson and Colne College has allowed me to see how law in action works.”