Vocational Media and Photography students have visited local community TV and corporate video company PLTV to gain an insight into working media productions.

Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form has an outstanding Media department which is dedicated to helping committed students to enter careers in these highly creative and competitive industries. Each year students progress to top universities to study for careers in the media industry and with the growth of media in the North West, students are well placed to take full advantage of the opportunities which are available to them.

Therefore the College was pleased to accept an invitation to take its BTEC Media and Photography students to PLTV, Pendle’s local community TV and corporate video company, located on Lomeshaye Industrial Estate. During the visit the students learnt about community TV, toured the full broadcast facilities and studio sets and found out about the range of work experience in the PLTV studios as producers, runners, motion graphics designers and journalists.

Peter Macgregor, the Managing Director at PLTV News Ltd. said: “We were delighted to host a visit of fifteen students from Nelson and Colne College. The College has been very proactive and we would encourage more local businesses to meet their students. Media students have a wealth of ideas and PLTV News is very keen to tap into their ideas through our “Student Work Experience Programme”. PLTV News is looking for talented individuals to gain experience as runners for the planned Broadcast Programmes. We also have a substantial number of corporate video productions lined up and are looking for students to assist in CGI “Computer Generated Imagery” and graphic design. PLTV News are based on Lomeshaye Industrial Estate with full broadcast facilities and studio sets.”

Students Daniel D’Rozario and Hayley Neville both attended the visit and Daniel said, “It was good to have an opportunity to look around a professional studio and see how the equipment worked. I would like to work as a Media Teacher eventually but I am trying to get a broad range of experience before I do. So far, I have set up work experience at 2BR Radio and would be interested in some television experience too.” Hayley agreed and said, “PLTV offer a really wide range of work experience for students and it was exciting to visit the studios. I loved the ‘vision boards’ which are a new technology aimed at the marketing industry and as I have an ambition to work in either journalism or marketing it was interesting to see the sort of technology which is available.”